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Majestic Hudson fosters connection, inspires creativity, and supports
a compassionate lifestyle one blissful experience at a time.

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April 27, 5-8pm • • • • • Next Evening Gallery Stroll! Our Petite Gallerie is Lucky #10 on the Map!

Lucky #10 on the Map!

Saturday April 27,


Our next artist is Roshan Houshmand exhibiting her series "Under the Bodhi Tree."   These collages reveal melodic fusions of the eastern and western traditions and techniques of art,
as an expression of her multi-cultural identity. Each piece in this series has an actual leaf from the Bodhi
Tree at the Mahabodhi Temple in Bodhgaya, India, where Buddha sat and achieved

Houshmand is an Iranian/American artist and educator whose work is exhibited and collected internationally most recently at the Italia Docet/Laboratorium, a collateral event of the 56th Venice Biennale.

Please come and enjoy great company, refreshments, and meet the artist!

Praise from The Majestic Tribe

It was a wonderful experience for me and a much-needed restorative time to set intentions on creating and maintaining a time for daily practice in 2019.


The retreat was life changing. Every person, everywhere would benefit from participating and it might actually make our lives more compassionate, authentic and enjoyable.


"I’ve learned so much about meditation from you. I never thought I’d meditate" (Jen: I helped you to open the window a little bit to being present? ) "Yes!- and not jump out of it!" #lol


Thanks Jennifer, I made a little altar with your help and I love it. You have great merchandise and wonderful advice. Sat Nam


Can you move in with me?  You have everything I love!


Thank you for opening such an amazing store. I left so uplifted yesterday. I can’t wait to come back for another visit.


Sometimes it is just meant to be to meet exceptional people. Thank you, Jen, for being so awesome. You are a gem! Please shop local and check out @majestichudson for a Good Vibes Rx and amazing merchandise by the lovely Jen Llewellyn! 🙏💜 #omshanti #moonstone#pendulum #goodvibes #amethystcrystal


Your shop is a calm breath of fresh air.