Sanctuary Experiences

Upcoming Events

In~House Majestic Experiences

Moon Circles

Sacred gatherings inspired by pivotal phases of the moon. Meditations, tools, crystals, and sounds will all be provided and curated based on each celebrated phase.


Heal your body and mind through personalized sessions where specialists call upon protective energies. This practice includes crystal magic to bring you to a calm meditative state.

Tarot + Oracle Readings

Discover what the cards have in store for you. Specialists call upon protective guides which communicate through an energized deck to bring you closer to your goals and visions.

Intuitive Crystal Healing

Sessions catered to your spiritual blueprint. Crystals will be professionally hand selected based on your needs and aspirations.

Alchemy of Sound

An intuitive experience that is designed to leave you relaxed and centered through the healing magic of sound. Expect to unwind and release all tension chilled with healing vibrations.


Custom readings and natal chart readings to understand your unique blueprint.

Community Events

Majestic Hudson was built on provide sacred spaces and blissful experiences for the community. Keep updated on our website or call the shop to see what we have going on this week!

Ritual Bar

Our Ritual Bar contains all your apothecary needs. From organic tea to the magic of black salt, come in and build your own apothecary products!

Energy Cleansing

Learn how to reset the magic of your space or person + restore balance and positivity. Discover the tools of the trade and the different types of cleansing!