Majestic Tarot Card Readers | Saturday, June 15

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Tarot reading is the practice of divine wisdom and guidance through a specific spread of Tarot Cards. This spread is a map of consciousness that aids your journey through life. Divine guidance comes through the selection of cards and the present reader.


You may book by appointment with Althea or Damarys.

Please book with her directly.

💫 Book your tarot reading session with Althea by calling 845.581.0955
For other services, book with us directly via email:

Althea is one of our in-house Tarot goddesses and a talented, artist and reiki Practicioner. She is also available by appointment, or virtually at your convenience for both Reiki and Tarot.

Session Fees:

30 min/$65

45 min/$85

1 hour/$120



Cancellation policy: 

Please note our cancellation policy for scheduled appointments: If you cancel on the day of service, or within 24 hours we will charge a 50% cancellation fee.

Please note: *Astrology, Human Design, Tarot, and Oracle Readings are not fortune telling, and/or predicting your future. Services are for entertainment purposes only.*



Damarys is one of our in-house Tarot goddesses and a talented Reiki Lightworker please contact her directly to book an appointment at your convenience for both Reiki and Tarot.

💫 Book your tarot reading session directly with Damarys now: Call 860.266.6916 

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