Naughty + Nice | Enamel Pin

$10.00 USD

“He's making a list

Checkin’ it twice:

Gonna find out who's naughty and nice…”

Let’s face it - it’s nice to be on ALL the party lists, right?

Even Santa’s.

Naughty + Nice Design : 1" rectangle, graphic, metallic, soft enamel pins that could be used anywhere! These are wearable, cutesy, sculptures that make a minimalist statement.

Stick em' to your shirt, denim jacket, purse, pillows, curtains, laptop case…the possibilities are endless! They are petite and pretty out there! – feel free to wear them collectively.

Materials & Craftmanship  ~ soft enamel pins. These will last a lifetime, maybe two. 

Design Inspiration ~ I be Poppin’ Pins, yo! Enamel always enticed me so I decided to explore the sculpture space, and along came these sweet babies! Enjoy!


©Naughty + Nice Design by Reflectjen LLC

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