Home Energy Cleansing Subscription

$250.00 USD

The sacred art of smudging is performed as a ritual clearing of negative and stagnant energy of a space, as well as a personal centering and healing method. When executed with intention and precision smudging is known to cure most ills of any environment.

Our Monthly Home Energy Cleansing Membership does the deep energy sweeping for you!

What to Expect: 

We will approach each “environment” - to singularly or collectively mean your home, office, etc... - Individually as well as a whole per your requests. We will begin with silent reflection, an assessment of the energy of the current overall space, then the smudging ritual performance itself. An intention is then set at the center space, silently, or with sound, reiki, prayer or music. 

What you (and your home) will receive in this Subscription:

  • Personalized Monthly Ritual
  • Personalized Monthly Seasonal Kit: crystal, seasonal room essence, and sage/palo santo (smudging bundle) 

Ritual Performed by Jennifer Llewellyn, Chief Wellness Officer of Majestic Hudson.

Please note that travel is included within Westchester, Putnam, and parts of Dutchess County. For Manhattan and Columbia County, a travel fee will be additional. 


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