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Speed Limit Om® Weatherproof Vinyl Sticker

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Stick em' to your car, laptop, journals & sketchbooks, instrument cases, pint glasses, SUP board, vespa, skateboard, yoga mats…the possibilities are endless!

3" x 4" beautiful, graphic, weather proof , vinyl stickers that could be used anywhere!

Materials & Craftmanship  ~ Screen-printed locally and weatherproof ! These will last a lifetime, maybe two.

Design Inspiration ~ I teach yoga & meditation. These practices will change your life. I pinky promise. I do not preach but while driving around I thought to myself “if the government can regulate our auto speed why can’t I gently remind the world to slow down, let go, get on your mat, chant and be well?” And then I thought: “I am a designer, I can.”

Reflectjen is "Changing the Speed of Consciousness" with this original design.

Speed Limit Om® Design is a registered trademark.