What are your hours?

Here's the deal...

Our public hours are Wednesday through Saturday, 12-5. Sunday 11-4

Buuuut... we are loosely open Monday and Tuesday but only through appointment to care for all other shopping and healing appointments.

You can find more info about our public hours here.

Wanna get personal? All healing and creative appointments are booked at (845) 581-0955

How do I register for classes?

On our website, we have a drop-down for scheduling classes called Classes + Events that can be found right here!

Are you hiring?

We get this a lot.

The most exciting part of our work here is that we are all one tribe! It takes a lot to run the beloved Majestic Mothership. Though not always actively searching, we do love to grow the tribe from time to time by hiring specialists with unique abilities and talents that will contribute to the vision. However, we are a professional establishment by nature, and will only consider those with the proper materials, so please send your resume, websites, or anything else you think will help represent who you are!

For vendors: Will you carry my product?

The short answer is... maybe.

Here are a few rules:

Have you ever crossed the threshold to pay a visit? If not, get to know us! We only carry local Hudson Valley makers, small makers, and fair trade imports, so please make sure only to inquire if you fit into those categories.

Our primary value for product design and development is to support creators, to understand your brand as much as you understand mine. That way, we can start blossoming a totally beautiful symbiotic partnership!

If you've been selling for a while, be sure to send over your website, social media handles, line list, you get the gist; you've done this before!

If you don't have those things, then you are a budding entrepreneur and creator. If you have a product that you're interested in developing at Majestic, you have to have all the required materials and documentation listed above. Jen also gives hourly sessions as a consultant to help you develop and grow your products. The main ingredient here is having the desire, passion, and accountability to do what you love and love what you do. This is more than just a fabulous boutique, after all, it is a community for artists.

Can I teach here?

Again, maybe. We are heavy believers in energetic exchanges, so if you support us and our community then we'll support you and your craft!

Also, being a teacher means you are responsible for yourself as a teacher, meaning your scheduling, marketing tactics, etc. Do not inquire if you don't have business insurance or a website. You and you alone will be responsible and accountable for running your own class and healing schedule.

Can I post a community flyer?

NO. And please don't ask :). The only posted flyers are through direct affiliation with Jennifer Llewelyn, and Majestic Hudson events. We will gladly verbally share and or distribute at our discretion. We see a lot of people every day and would love to let the community thrive despite not having the physical space to hold said flyers.

Do you rent space at the sanctuary?

Yes! We rent out the sanctuary at the discretion of maintaining its sacred nature. In other words, your vibe has to fit our vibe!
Also important to note: we are a business, not a nonprofit center, nor a government leased community center. Meaning when you rent this place there will be a fee, business insurance will be required, and a contract will be revised and signed.

Wondering what to rent the space for? Here are some ideas!

Things we will accept: creative art circles, tarot ceremonies, crystal healing, sound baths

We might even consider a scrabble contest!

Things we won't accept: volleyball, illicit drug ceremonies, raves, chinchilla parties

We are a safe sacred space for everyone all ages! 

For more details, inquire about our rental policies.

Do you have a roster of healers?

Yup! Just click HERE!

What are your off-campus services?

Where do we start?

Henna Parties, Candle Making, Energy Clearing, Teaching Artist Residency, Kids Parties, you name it! 

Check out our Classes + Events page for more!

Where can I give you some cyber love? 

Here are a few ideas of where you can add a review for Majestic Hudson ~