Aura Photo and Readings | Coming Soon this Fall!

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Hi! You are here to win an Aura Photo + Reading.
Am I right? ;)

Here is a glimpse of our product before we officially launch it.


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Yes, I will check, We are a small business and we support those who support us.

Thank ye!

The winner will be chosen at Random after Labor Day. Aura Photo winner will receive their experience by private appointment.

With aura photos, you can better understand your current emotions, what you need to do to bring more joy into your life, and so much more with the help of our aura analysis!

After taking your aura photo, we will have an in-depth discussion to ensure you enjoy the benefits of understanding your energetic layers and exploring their potential.

You will receive a printed copy of your aura photo and a complimentary crystal!

Each photograph paired with its analysis will take about 20-30 minutes and is worth every second!

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