Candle Making Party

$350.00 USD

It's a Party for your Inner Craft Fairy!

Enjoy the Magic of Candle Making and Wax Seals.

In this DIY workshop, Scents and Signatures come to life as we explore the basics of wax crafting.

Your favorite candle ever is just over the horizon. This party pack will help you navigate through your favorite fragrances to create your very own personal candle! Wax, essential oils, and crystal magic will all be supplied to ensure that your candle not only smells good but makes you feel good in a way that works for you.

Using Mason jars, recycled jars, crystals, and essential oils we will create signature candles that inspire you in your daily rituals and routines.

While our candles are setting we will explore the ancient art of wax seals - because it is downright fun and addictive! Wax seals come from a time of slowing down and adorning letters with a special seal.

Let's play and use your creativity for anything you want - a candle wrap, paper crafts, and more.

This private experience includes all candle-making and wax seal supplies, crystals, and herbs for each participant, plus instruction. Everyone takes home 1-2 glass jar candles and assorted wax seal/ candle crafts.

Disclaimer: All parties begin at the minimum fee/deposit of $350 to hold your date. This fee is subject to change during the planning stage based upon party size, materials, and instruction needed.

For Personalized Party inquiries: email 

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