The Pisces New Moon

The Pisces New Moon

Happy soon to be New Moon. Time to celebrate your favorite Pisces people! Our dear Pisceans are ruled by Neptune, the great warrior of the Sea who controls the wind and the sea. My. kinda. guy.


Be it water or wind I am always ready to sit and listen. This particular New Moon brings along a time for emotional balance and grace. Like a Pisces fish, we swim into a place of new beginnings. 

My advice to you is to embrace any feelings of peacefulness that arise - and trust me - they WILL arise. whether you have Pisces in your chart or you have a few Pisces fish swimming around you - the mutable nature of this water sign is a peaceful salve to calm the feelings of those within its current. Like a pond full of lotus flowers, Koi fish, and peaceful wonder. We are forever surrounded by wisdom.

So let's talk about the Koi fish or Nishikigo. such happy little fishies. They are truly a wonder to watch and have a rich mindful history in many cultures. They are beautiful creatures and symbolize so many things. Koi are symbols of love and friendship, and a universal symbol of peace all over the world.

Ironically, this peaceful fish is also a spirited one. They are so strong and known to swim against the current and overcome great obstacles such as swimming up rivers and climbing waterfalls. Yep, climbing up waterfalls! This act takes incredible courage and persistence for a fish.

The Japanese saying  is “koi no taki-nobori”  or “koi climbing the rapids”

Now, why am I telling you all of this? because Koi share these traits with the legendary sword-wielding warriors of feudal Japan and I just wanted to show you a painting of a sword-wielding warrior and a Koi fish dancing. How cool is this? 🤣🐟🗡️

Koi are Warriors, warriors are as flexible as  fish, and during a Pisces New Moon, YOU are a Warrior of compassion swimming with the current into a place of new beginnings. So, be a koi fish, be a warrior.

My favorite places to see Koi:

The Hammond Museum
Japanese Stroll Garden
North Salem, NY

Chuang Yen Monastery
Buddhist Temple
Kent, NY


My favorite ways to stay peaceful:


My Favorite GO with the Flow Products for Pisces:


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