A Little Party Never Hurt Nobody...

Did someone say crystal grid party? Essence oil blends? Ritual baths???

Well luckily I just so happen to be the Party Planner Extraordinaire, at your service! There's no better way to spice up a girls' night, hen do, kids' birthday party, unicorn showcase, whatever!, with spiritual themes and majestic tools all supplied and guided by moi. So, let's get this party started and show you what this celebratory showcase has to offer!

All parties can be planned on or off campus.  Plan an event at our beautiful sanctuary or your favorite party place!

Crystal Grid Party  

This is definitely one of the most versatile party packs because it's fun and engaging for all ages as it appeals to the crafty and creative souls. The intention behind the Crystal Grid Party is to get you aligned and feeling sublime. We'll help each of you work towards your vision, set an intention, and gravitate towards the particular sacred stones that are calling you which will guide you towards your own version of nirvana! This event will come complete with crystals, charging grids, and meditation guidance. Click here to learn more.


Essence Oil Blending Party

Aromatherapy to the rescue! This party pack was designed to help keep a calm and centered sensation with you even after the presents are opened and the cake goes back in the fridge! You and all your invitées will each be guided along using the aromatic magic of essential oils to create your very own personalized blends! This event comes with essential oils galore as well as a step-by-step interactive workshop on how to pick your fulfilling + fragrant ingredients and hand blend them into your new essential best friend. Click here to learn more.

Yoga Bliss Curated Experience Party

With the restorative practice being one of  my favorite teaching styles, I couldn't resist bringing it to the table for a more zen gathering that will leave each of you saying "oooommm" and "ahhhhhhh." This peaceful party pack will deliver you a restorative yoga experience like no other, supplied with mindful poses and thoughtful meditation, all topped with my signature, light, sound, crystal alignments, and aromas. All necessary props will be provided to guarantee nothing short of a blissful experience. Click here to learn more.


Ritual Baths Party

Don't worry, it's not a community bath so no breaking out the robes just yet! This party pack was designed with the enlightened intention of creating for each of you the ultimate ritual pack to make your bath time that much more magical. Together we'll pick out each ingredient from the oils, to the intentions, to the salts before each of you learn the blending magic that will be the icing on the funfetti cake in designing your personal Ritual Bath Blend. With the help of the purifying protection of salt, this relaxing and engaging party pack will also be fully supplied with crystal magic and essential oils to provide you with maximum aura cleansing! Click here to learn more.

Manifestation Gatherings

If you need help conquering your vision, or maybe even figuring out what that vision is, look no further than this party pack. Designed to be a fun and nuanced gathering where we all together discover our internal spiritual goals and guide one another towards how to properly manifest them (hence the swanky title!). This pack is tied together beautifully with the guiding magic of crystals and licensed professional spiritual guidance from Jen herself! Click here to learn more.

The Art of Henna Adornment

Both crafty and beautiful, this party pack reawakens the inner child in all of us that absolutely lived for those sticker temporary tattoos. Majestic will bring to you your personal professional henna artist to help bring your decorative dreams to fruition. We bring the ink to help you get inked, just bring your friends and your imagination! Click here to learn more.

Candle Making Party

Your favorite candle ever is just over the horizon. This party pack will help you navigate through your favorite fragrances to create your very own personal candle! Wax, essential oils, and crystal magic will all be supplied to ensure that your candle not only smells good but makes you feel good in a way that works for you. Click here to learn more.

Sacred Circle Gatherings

What better way to manifest your dreams than collectively with your beloved invitées guided by Jen as we sit together in a sacred and protected circle. Crystal magic, incense, and whatever else calls to us in the moment will be entirely supplied by Majestic to help get the magic flowing! Click here to learn more.

Oracle + Tarot Card Readings

See what the cards have in store for you! Personalized and detailed oracle and/or tarot readings will be provided for each and every one of your party guests so everyone has the opportunity to tap into the higher power and see what awaits in their path. Click here to learn more.

Bespoke Rituals

Bespoke Rituals created exclusively by Majestic Hudson Lifestyle for any individual, group, event or space. Click here to learn more.

Sacred Youth: A Mala Experience for Kids

This Mala Experience was specifically designed for all kids ages 9-10! Together we'll delve into the healing magical history of Malas before they have the opportunity to bring their designs to life using blessed beads all supplied by Jen! Click here to learn more.

Have your own creative idea? Let's try it!

Want more specificity? Ribbons? Bells? Glitter? Well lucky for you I roll like a rollin' stone! I'm also offering half or full day personalized retreats and parties that can be on or off the Majestic campus and are completely supplied and designed for you, your mom, son, beloved hamster, you name it! Let's work together to have the ultimate celebration of your enlightened dreams!

Disclaimer: All parties begin at the minimum fee/deposit of $300 to hold your date. This fee is subject to change during the planning stage based upon on party size, materials, and instruction needed.

For Personalized Party inquiries: email majestichudson@gmail.com 

To see how our Covid-19 Policies coincide with party planning, click here.