New Moon + Eclipse Season

New Moon + Eclipse Season

Hello Celestial Beings

Where do I begin? This week is a humdinger, I'm already feeling it. The end of April is bringing with it a bunch of shifts. Let me fill you in so you are prepared. 

This Thursday, we have the New Moon in Aries. I love New Moons. They bring about such a breath of fresh air every month, and I often like to honor them with all sorts of Rituals: bring on your Candles, Prayers, Manifestation, and Magic. Bring them all on because we also kick off Eclipse Season with a Hybrid Solar Eclipse, which only happens once a decade. This eclipse is on an Aries-Libra axis, so by the time you open your eyes on Thursday morning begin to allow the shifts that arise in your life as a signal to begin a new remarkable new story. 

I find this energy to be exciting! It's an evolution of sorts, which naturally might set off a few nerves, but no worries. All you need to do is set new goals and allow unexpected opportunities. Invite the unexpected. We are all here in this moment guided by Spirit for our highest good.

Perfect timing! Wednesday is our monthly Community Meditation. Join us and I will assemble a ritual to honor this phenomenal phase. Or simply stop into the sanctuary anytime Wednesday or Thursday afternoon for a New Moon Ritual pick-me-up. 

Then we welcome the Bull as Taurus Season begins! Take charge and then hold onto the bull's horns when Mercury Retrograde begins on April 21 - May 23. With all these eclipses you might feel a bit like you are actually Running with the Bulls. Don't forget to postpone all your important deals, back up your computer, and sharpen your cursing skills because all technology goes topsy-turvy. We have a tried and true Mercury Retrograde bundle fix here.

and then... on May 5th we have a Lunar Eclipse on the Full Moon in Scorpio. Lunar eclipses only happen approximately twice a year, and they stir up emotions that are far more intense than the average full moon's energy based on your chart.

Please note our Alchemy of Sound this month will be on May 10th, because we don't do Sound Healing on Eclipses - we got your back.

During the last bath, the energy was palpable!!! I swear we all floated for three days after.

and then... April 22 we have EARTH DAY and also the Katonah Gallery Stroll - Hooray! We are back on the map! Our Boutique gallery is always open.

Majestic is kicking this whole thing off with our first Reiki Certification on April 23. There is only one spot left! Register here. 

Let's all heal, and heal each other.

XO, Jen

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