Majestic Madeira

Majestic Madeira

I just returned from a pilgrimage to Madeira, and I do mean a pilgrimage. A year or two ago I started to have a calling to go to Portugal. Particularly, the island of Madeira. Often known as the Hawaii of Europe, I've been drawn to this place in the middle of the Atlantic - closer to Africa than mainland Portugal. This trip was not a vacation or even a retreat it was the first time in my life I was drawn to a place that is more of a mystery.

What will this place be like? Italy? France?

Nope. Not even close. This is the land of my ancestors on my Mother's side. I am a pleasant blend of Portuguese, Italian, French, and a bit more. I have been to those countries yet they did not exactly feel like home.

Home to me is a place of enhancement. My home in the Hudson Valley is the best combo of cottage core, bohemian artists, and witchcraft.

Home is where the story books are, and the candles are burned down to the nubs. Home is where the river meets the sea. Home is where the heart is. My heart is made of Lapis Lazuli.

The moment I stepped off the plane I knew something was different. there is a softness about Maderia. Island living is my jam. It's even better when the island is made of volcanic rock and surrounded by the sea. The history of this island is potent. The fairy vibe is immaculate, and the sea creatures are friendly. There are no more Pirates but the tales are tall.

For a girl smitten with folklore, Madeira is full of ritual and ease.
In a single day, I can swim in the sea, and also climb high above clouds.

For a nature girl, the levadas are lush, for the mermaid, the sea is tame and then feisty, for the witch the forest is foggy and soft-spoken.

May these pictures invite you along with me as I raise my glass of poncha to you.
XO Jen
Manifesting Magic Madeira
The Fanal Forest

Moon Walk, such  cool tile work!
Seixal Mermaid.
Forest Fog.
Fin back whales!
Old Funchal
In the church my grandfather attended

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