We are coming up on the FULL STRAWBERRY MOON 🍓🌕 this weekend and I’m super excited! The moon is in Sagittarius♐️: think adventure, humor, and passion. This summer in particular feels so incredibly exciting - full of zest and vitality. I hope I can share some of that enthusiasm with y'all.


I love this moon in particular because in my family we have an obsession with all things strawberries, moons, and roses. This moon is also called the 🌹ROSE MOON and 🍯MEAD MOON and those of us who are ALCHEMISTS out there know that mead is a fermented beverage made of honey, water, and yeast.


A true elixir, this “nectar of the gods”  is believed to be dew sent from the heavens and collected by bees. Those bees 🐝🐝🐝🐝are like little gods making us MOON WINE. 🌕🍷not to mention pollinating the planet!!! Mead is said to have magical powers such as immortality and divine strength and wit.


Inject these things into your summer! This is the time when the earth and earth's creatures begin to shine. Lovely June.


"I will be the gladdest thing

  Under the sun!

I will touch a hundred flowers

  And not pick one."


Let summer beckon you with its fruits and foliage, and then, embrace it.


XO Jen




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