Super Full Buck Moon in Capricorn | July 2023

Super Full Buck Moon in Capricorn | July 2023


This full moon today is in Capricorn ♑️- no matter what your sign you will feel a little bit lighter and filled with optimism - at the same time you will be guided to wash your spirit clean.

This moon cycle begins a deep personal plunge into your psyche as simultaneously merging with your public legacy.

Take a 'Sacred Pause' here with me: a 3 minute Sound Healing:


@majestichudson Full Buck Moon Sound Vibes #soundhealing #crystalsingingbowl #soundhealer #buckmoon #soundtherapy #asmrsounds #bemajestic ♬ original sound - Majestic Hudson Lifestyle


 If I was to make an artistic analogy - this moon is like Monet’s garden: perennial, strong, colorful - deep roots of the Earth -  yet quite organic and ephemeral - like a moon phase. Monet himself undertook extensive research for his garden and planned and planted his colorful flowerbeds to create a coherent aesthetic throughout, and then he painted them. 🌸🪻🌹🌺🌷🌻🌼 The planting of the gardens, the birth of the flora and fauna, and the paintings have lives of their own. Don’t ever forget your talents are like many rivers flowing into the ocean. Creation from the same source.

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This is one of the fullest brightest moons of the year reminding us there is the magic of transformation in us all. They don’t call it a "Buck Moon" for nothing - Bucks shed and regrow their antlers each year, producing a larger and more impressive set as the years go by. Take this time to honor your progress and grow some antlers 🦌. The closer the moon is to the earth the more likely you will release what no longer serves you, ( ahem, shed the same antlers! 🦌) All the while you guide yourself inward and ultimately towards home. 🏡

This is a journey you go alone with renewed vigor, practicality, creativity, and politician like perseverance. Shine bright like a Super Moon, and plant a seed or two - it will grow. 🍃🌻

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Clearly, I am very drawn to organic chemistry this month, and also grounding practices. I’m brewing some very specially charged moon water this month that will be available soon!

As always, #bemajestic

XO Jen

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