Moon Child

  • 8.8.2021 :: Lion's Gate Meditation

    Silence is Golden   There are certain times of the year I suggest leaping into the spiritual realm. This Sunday, 8.8.2021, is one of those days - a...
  • Tales from the Majestic Mothership: The New Podcast!!!

    The time has come to pod... from our pod!! It's time to tune in to Tales from the Majestic Mothership! After dodging the temptation for a while, I ...
  • Spiritual Gallerista

    Katonah Art Stroll is Back! May 22 5-8pm We are #1 on the map!   Come have fun with us.  See some great work as we launch our refreshed sanctuary....
  • Happy Mother's Day!

    Happy Mother's Day!
  • Beautiful Beltane

    “We too can begin a new life, one that brings satisfaction and enrichment, whether this is by singing, dancing, running through the waves, walking barefoot on the grass, or making love under the stars. Perhaps your dreams are greater than this, or perhaps more conservative, but whatever they are, Beltane is a wonderful time for expressing who you truly are.”
    ~ Carole Carlton
  • Motivation

    💖 Tribe Love 💖   "LOVED this store! Yogis, hippies, and everyone in between will go crazy for Majestic Hudson, located on a cute little side stre...
  • What's Your Sign?

  • Salt Rituals

  • Excelsior: Happy Anniversary to Me!

    Thank you Snow Moon! Tonight as I walk home and your lovely glow burns high above the hamlet of Katonah, and douses me in the light of new beginn...
  • How to Use MOON WATER

    So I've taught you how to make variations of Moon Water in this video. Here is how to use it!  
  • peace

    Now more than ever: “Peace cannot be kept by force;  it can only be achieved by understanding.”  King’s wife Coretta Scott wrote in The Washington...
  • It Was Beginning Winter

    “It Was Beginning Winter” by Theodore Roethke It was beginning winter An in-between time, The landscape still partly brown; The bones of weeds ke...