Reiki Blessings from my Doorman

Reiki Blessings from my Doorman
I woke up this morning thinking about Pete. Pete was my doorman at 360 W. 55th St. in New York City where I lived for seven blissful years. Seven is a lucky number of sorts, and that time in my life felt most elated, and though I am an elated Queen presently, just the thought of Pete smiling comforts me - a warm greeting from my lucky Irish doorman. 

I realize now that Pete was indeed a tuning fork for me in those days. An anchor in my long days of commuting, surely he was my energy attunement when I walked into the building, dilapidated after an arduous day. This was long before I discovered energy healing - long before I consciously realized I was a healer, but this isn't my point. I bring up Pete because I want to give you an example of what it feels like to be simply illuminated. A single snippet in your life might just be a Blessing and that Blessing carries positive life force energy.
I know you’re asking yourself: okay Jen what’s the metaphor for today’s story? I’m chatting with you today about Reiki: Life Force Energy. It is a healing modality I’ve come to love, experience, gift, and teach. Reiki is a way of guiding energy throughout the body to encourage the recipient’s self-healing abilities. Reiki originated in Japan in the early 20th century by Mikao Usui, the father of this spiritual practice. Reiki is the belief that living beings have energy fields that support their vitality. To this day Reiki is widely recognized as a treatment for physical, emotional, and mental diseases. Many Hospitals and wellness centers utilize this ancient practice to manage pain and reduce stress.

Cho Ku Rei | Reiki
I first experienced Reiki at that same point in my life, I was 24 years old and after a yoga class, a teacher performed Reiki on the group as a whole. I immediately felt deep peace within. (Cue Donovan's song.) In my memory vault, I realized Pete was also my initiation into how the regulation of life force energy and the integration of Loving Kindness - albeit a soft smile and greeting from your friendly doorman - can stabilize the weakest of immune systems, calm the anxious, and help manage chronic disease through a deep state of mind-body relaxation. 
Reiki can become your trusted friend, can be performed on yourself and others, can transcend time and space, and give you a feeling of lightness and grace and most of all divine protection. I perform Reiki myself several times a day to clear my energy field and feel balanced. Add to this a quick sweep of a selenite wand, a black tourmaline in my pocket, and a pinch of salt over my left shoulder and I am in a space to receive whatever the day brings me!
After years of receiving Reiki, I was finally called by Spirit to become a Reiki healer myself and was graced with knowledge and wisdom from my dear friend and Reiki Master Deborah Fusco-Amjadi
And here we are many moons circles later in a time when the world needs more healing. Deborah and I are here to offer you our guidance and bring Reiki into your healing journey. I’m excited to let you know that we are offering Reiki I and II Certifications at the Majestic Hudson Sanctuary beginning in April.


I hope you consider our Reiki Certification Program as part of your spiritual journey. Reiki will bring into your life many blessings, comforts, friends, and gifts - much like a smile from your sweet Irish doorman.

Bless Your Heart, Pete, wherever you may be. 
XO Jen
p.s. I’m sure I will tell you someday about the 102-year-old Chinese woman who also sat in my lobby every day telling me about how she drinks bone broth daily. Today, she would no doubt give Gwyneth Paltrow a run for her Goop Money!

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