A Majestic Personal Retreat 2021

A Majestic Personal Retreat 2021
Mindfulness from
My Heart to Yours

Welcome Beautiful Souls. I am so happy you are here for my first online retreat! As many of you know, the Experience of Retreating is in my soul. I've been performing and promoting retreat experiences for over ten years, so I am beyond excited to present all the facets of sacred practices here, in one place that you can do at any time.

Just for you! It's just that simple - Let's begin, again.

Begin Again

Hi! I'm Jen. I am the Chief Wellness Officer around here. Let me introduce myself in the video below. Please bring to your experience an open mind and heart. 


In Zen Buddhism, it is called "The Beginner's Mind" or, Shoshin, which refers to having an attitude of openness, eagerness, and lack of preconceptions when studying a subject, even when studying at an advanced level, just as a beginner would. 

Now, I know you are all a smart bunch, so what am I saying? I'm saying approach these practices with a fresh perspective, free of expectations, and full of curiosity. The most important thing you should start with is clearing some time here and there in your calendar to Experience these practices so that you are relaxed and more likely to cultivate feelings of contentment, care, and Bliss.

If you haven't already - contact Jen, to set up your Spiral Session for personal guidance and feedback during your retreat.


Our Majestic Bliss Box of Goodies

You get a box of spiritual goodies delivered straight to your door! 
Here are some things included.


Set the Tone

To begin I suggest that you carve out either a big block of time or a few little pockets of practice. All of the practices below can be done at your pace, in any order based upon your style.

For example: If you are a seasoned and spontaneous Saggitarius Rising sign like me, you might want to pick and choose a practice from day-to-day. If you are more like a Virgo you might choose to do these in the order I have listed them here, in one or two days. I admit I have assembled these in an order that I feel will enhance the experience bit by bit, so that you feel the momentum of healing. This is a little like building a pyramid. You are the mason crafting an experience in which you blossom, heal, glow inward and outward, and, you will probably let go of some sh*t. Trust me. It's all good. The rule is there are no rules, just be you, and if you need a little nudge that is what our Spiral Session is for.

If you need some music for your journey i created this playlist for you of my favorite meditative pieces.



LovingKindness Meditation

Mettā, or LovingKindness is hands down one of my favorite practices.

Mettā means benevolence, loving-kindness, friendliness, and goodwill to all. It is the first of Four Sublime States; unconditional love, compassion, sympathetic joy, and equanimity, as noted by the Buddha himself. Let's be Buddhaful. 

Here is a great reference on the practice as well.

Restorative Yoga Practice

Enjoy a complimentary yoga practice on me!  Monday evenings 6-7pm

Pre-recorded session is here.

Let's Get Ritual!

I have prepared for you a "Personal Release Ritual" It's one of our favorites!

The act of burning a bay leaf is known to protect, purify, and cleanse your aura- a complimentary ritual to accompany your retreat! View it here!

Intentional Journaling

Video coming soon!

Crystal Magic 

Your retreat box comes with

Clear Quartz - The Master Healer and a sprinkle of Blue Calcite  

This combination of crystals strengthens your aura and aids in a soothing relaxing experience. 

Forest Bathing

The Japanese call it Shinrin-Yoku, or Forest Bathing, or some call it Forest Therapy - no matter the title I'm assigning an important task to you: 

Go Outside and Find Wonder.

Forest bathing aims to slow yourself down and become immersed in the natural environment: the smells, textures, tastes, and sights of the forest. 

It's easy to do and simply electric for the senses.

Try this:

  • Find a place to walk in nature 
  • Walk slowly and intentionally along your path
  • Take in your surroundings by using all your senses
  • Close your eyes and breathe
  • Touch the ground, or a tree
  • Open your eyes to tiny details in your surroundings
  • Taste the air, or a purified drop of spring water, pure snow, or safe herb
  • Listen to the Earth's Song: It may be silence, or rustling leaves in the wind, a babbling brook, etc...

The overall experience can be anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour and the result should feel like you just left a silent meditation retreat. 

There's a growing body of evidence that the practice can help boost immunity and mood and help reduce stress, I will hands-down attest to this! 

John Muir, the Father of the National Parks says it best:

"The clearest way into the Universe is through a forest wilderness."

John Muir

Give Forest Bathing a try, open your senses and imagine you're seeing the world for the very first time.

Take a look at a clip of my recent Winter Forest Bath in Minnewaska Preserve:


It's Spa Day!

Be a Majestic God or Goddess by paying attention to the luxury of self care. You can pamper yourself on any budget, any day of the week. So throw on your Kimono, put on some soothing music, light a candle, and relax. Here are a few ideas for pampering.

  • Take a Ritual Bath
  • DIY Face Mask
  • Henna Adornment 

also, humor feeds the soul. Take a tip about Self Care with Phineas and Ferb.

Bonus! Discover Your Chakras

Rainbow Consciousness | Meditate Like A Double Rainbow






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