The journey of less and less and less...

The journey of less and less and less...


"Without stirring abroad, One can know the whole world; Without looking out of the window One can see the way of heaven. The further one goes The less one knows."

~ Lao Tzu


How True Lao Tzu!  

We can't go anywhere! 

The lights are off, they are ripping up the streets in my home town

and yet, I notice if we are ever-present and just open our eyes, and shed some skin, 

become a little less,
we arrive.


And I have arrived with nothing to do and nowhere to go at

the "Coolest little town in the Catskills," Phoenicia, NY


I think I am here for many reasons.

One is that I had to go somewhere. I am a wanderer by heart and trade so I needed to retreat. So I headed up to Menla: A Buddhist Retreat Center to meditate and unbeknownst to me, sew up some loose ends.

Eleven years ago (there is that number again!) I was up here in Woodstock with my family. My married family. 

A week later my husband dropped the bomb and told me he was leaving. My life forever changed, but also, it hasn't. I just had a little less.


Against all odds, that included anger, bitterness, grace, and complete, utter surrender to my journey I am back here by design a completely new model of Jen. 


They say you have to forgive to move on. I think there is some truth to that, but more than that you have to just wake up and everyday look your self in the face and say I am __________.  

(Fill in the blank with something positive people!)


I did it, and look I'm floating and smiling and hanging with new friends and old, I am healthy, I have and continue to create some amazing experiences, I have a freaking awesome daughter who I get to see bloom as well... I let go.


Maybe the mountains released the secrets they have been whispering to me all along. I finally listened, released, maybe I have forgiven.


After 11 years of budding myself into flower

It feels more official than ever

Today I say

"I am Majestic."


XO Jen

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  • Ron on

    I am so glad I met on your journey. Always welcome to come back. 💙

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