Rose Polla Llewellyn

Rose Polla Llewellyn

This morning I woke up to church bells ringing. The sound originated not far from my hotel window in the Finger Lakes.

I’m here, I realize now, to honor a woman who taught me much in life: How to grow herbs, how to roast red peppers, how to work my way around a mason jar. How to love like a lion but also a colorful chameleon, that is, no matter the circumstances.

I say that last phrase with a very open heart as I mourn the passing of Rose Llewellyn. I was not much older than my daughter when I met you Rose, a kind, compassionate, crazy soul, with many secrets. You birthed, created, and loved hard.

You earned so many badges as a woman and kept your life together in a way I seem to have learned myself. I guess I can thank you for that too.

Today I lay down my judgement sword and take the last tour your fallow garden.


What’s in a name anyway?

God Bless and God Speed Rosie.

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