Imbolc and the Snow Moon

Imbolc and the Snow Moon

As I sit here quietly writing at 5 am, it is as if I can feel how deep winter seeps into us, especially here in the northeast. I am craving sweets and teas and spend hours under blankets... Yet Today begins Blessed Imbolc, so put on your ritual feasting hat because it's time to honor the earth and all its magical creatures.

Imbolc is a celebration that has existed since the 10th century celebrating the fertility of the land and its animals. It's a life force kinda holiday as Imbolc marks the midpoint between the Winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox. Imbolc's reigning Queen is Saint Brigid of Kildare. Saint Brigid is considered one of the most powerful Celtic goddesses and is said to be born with a flame in her head. (spoiler alert: the Full Moon coming up is in Leo) She is my kinda gal: an ancient goddess of poetic arts, crafts, prophecy, and divination.

Brigid is said to have drunk the milk of a mystical cow from the spirit world - which I guess helps with her divination skills, :). She brings luck and has been celebrated for centuries by the Celtics. Her celebratory feast is not for the best of vegetarians! You will savor sliced beef, honey cakes, ales, music, and folk tales are told - and Ritual Crafts! A highlight of the day is to weave crosses out of willows and rush plants - OMG so fun! Take some time to honor the Earth today into tomorrow in your spirited way.


and then, so swiftly like snow falling on cedars, comes along our beloved Snow Moon, this Sunday, February 5th. If there is ever a Moon I love the most it's the Snow Moon. This Moon glows like the Sun. This Moon makes the best most magical moon and snow water. This Moon tucks me in at night and tells me fairytales. I couldn't help making this graphic that looks a bit like a fairytale. A moment in Winter when we commune with Nature.


This Moon, this time of year does feel like a blessing of sorts. This moon goes by the name “Snow Moon” due to its nature of possessing heavier snowfalls as legend says. Full moons are times of reflection and release: where we are, and what we have done to attain our goals and intentions that were set during the new moon phase. This year's full Snow Moon is in the fiercely fixed liberal proud and confident sign of Leo whose ruler is the Sun. The Sun and the Moon. :)


This full moon fans the inner flames of passion, creativity, and confidence.  Our Leo flame, alongside Brigid, is the surrounding stillness and coldness of the world as it embraces us. This Snow Moon has come to the rescue and is here to unleash your firepower to do what is best for you. Go ahead, burn a candle and honor your fire, cut the ties that no longer serve you, or assist on your self-evolution journey, and watch yourself bloom like the Spring.

XO Jen


Majestic Highlights:

Burn Candles + Make Ritual Crafts : Send me pix! ;)


Alchemy of Sound on the Full Moon Feb 5th. only 3 spots left!

Community Meditation by Donation Every Third Wednesday of the month 7 - 8 pm.

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