The Journey is the Destination

Good Morning almost December, and Full Eclipsing Moon - The shifts are happening - can you feel it? I did the moment I came across this picture of little me sitting on a hilltop in Assisi.


Cell phones did not exist, and I was pondering an actual map. This is just one fact, yet there are many stories. I will share a few for what they are worth.

I was in Assisi, drawn there for the beauty, but I know now more than that. My grandfather was a Franciscan. He taught me what it means to bless and be-blessed without saying a word. One night in the piazza in front of Basilica di Santa Chiara there was a children's choir dancing in circles and singing. I will never forget that moment - the song and the spinning. I wanted to join them. I did not know at the time that I was already joining them in spirit.


I took a chance and cut my hair to ease my backpacking experience. Bonus - I fit right in and no one ever spoke to me in English - I'll call that a win.

The dress was vintage - fit me like a glove. I was covered in flowers, the fabric twirled nicely. I felt pretty. I feel pretty just looking at the dress in pictures. I really freaking miss that dress, and the moment. It will come again moments like these - etched in time.

Ironically, Fanny packs are back in - what the heck?! I miss that too.

The earrings - I bought at a little market around the corner from the Metropolitan Museum of Art in 1987. I was taking a sketch class that day and had not yet transferred to SUNY New Paltz. The stone in the earring is raw emerald. I know that now. Emerald is a Journey Stone. It helps with unconditional love, unity and peace on your spiritual journey, and inspires ones connection with the divine.

I do not have as many freckles... yet I do still look up, smile and wonder. This year was more of a gazing inward, coming home and being home. I know now The Journey is the Destination. However near, however far.

Wishing you high vibe experiences that fill your soul as we enter the holiday season of a spectacular year. Yes, I said spectacular.... this year has been uniquely large scale drama at its best, and worst.

I leave you with this Bob Marley quote:
“Love the life you live, live the life you love.”

XO Jen

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