Cacao, Wow!

Cacao, Wow!

Yesterday was an interesting day, to say the least, I woke up thinking about how to finish waterproofing my deck, but it rained and I surrendered to food shopping and buying fancy Italian lemon ricotta with chocolate chips, in between all of that was a CACAO CEREMONY!


Cacao, Wow.

Yes, this was something I should have done a very long time ago. But we all know I wait for opportunities to arise and when Valerie and Victoria walked into the shop I said a hearty YES - Let's do this!

If you don't' know what it is you can google it, or read on, or better yet
Althea got a bonus download from the gods to write her Anthropology paper on a Cacao Ceremony. You can read it here.

Althea and I welcomed these lovely ladies into our home and half-finished deck to experience a Cacao ceremony. It was as uplifting as I thought it would be all sorts of BLISS, and in the midst: wind, fire, rain, music, palo santo, crystals, and lots of smiles - enough to charge most of High Street.

Way to go honoring, every damn spirit that got me here!

I am excited to do some outdoor collaborations with these sister cacao fairies in the near future!



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