It's the Lunar New Year! 🐅

It's the Lunar New Year! 🐅

Hello! Welcome to the new year!

The new year 2022 is The Water Tiger, –
*fun fact* this comes up every 60 years! The water tiger is all action, representing courage, strength, clearing away evil, and instilling bravery.
It’s a nice hopeful coincidence landing this symbol for where we are right now in the world two years into a pandemic crisis, and we could all use more bravery to face what we don't want to, courage to speak about the unspoken and ultimately strength to conquer it all as it comes.
Tis’ the year for MAKING moves people! Take risks, find new adventures and enjoy the ride of finding enthusiasm again. However proceed with caution when doing so, at times we can find ourselves gaslighting our ego and it is important to move with humbleness.

Last but not least Water years bring out our emotions more than any other element. Tigers are family-oriented and have amazing interpersonal relationships, they may appear otherwise but overall the tiger wants what's best for everyone. On that note friends from the mothership to you, may you be enveloped in the divine in the new year. ✨



Jenn Rodriguez

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