Rituals | Herbs, Spices, and Potions... oh my!

Rituals | Herbs, Spices, and Potions... oh my!

It may sound cliché yet I love the rise and fall of the moon cycle, and I am always looking for new ways to connect myself to her presence. On January 21st we are coming up on one of my favorite parts of the moon cycle: the New Moon. As soon as the moon gets to Waning Crescent Phase, I take some time to check my charts: astrology, iChing, and human design. Then, I read a good moon poem to get in the mood for some intuitive journaling.

Here is my poem selection for this month: On a Journey by Herman Hesse

When all that has swept my busy mind I embrace the magic and the medicine of this moon phase. The first place I hit is our Majestic Apothecary and Ritual Bar. We like to stir things around here - for real- so let's go.


MANIFEST by Jennifer Llewellyn


The New Moon is often about new beginnings and setting intentions that can help shape a new phase for you. This month's New Moon is in Aquarius which is about sparking that childlike joy within you, and this air sign also likes a healthy dose of empowerment: what's the buzzword I'm looking for here?


 Thank Goddess, Mercury will be out of retrograde by January 18, so we can aim a little higher at the beginning of this year. Here is a little mix you can do to elevate those intentions.

These are many herbs and oils for manifestation, prosperity, and growth during the New Moon. Here are a few:

Jasmine Flowers
Lavender Oil
Juniper Berry
Rose Petals

Mix all the above and place on a small plate to enhance the energy of your surroundings.

Interested in more ideas for your manifestation journey?

I will create a Bespoke Ritual for your New Moon intentions!  Anything goes!

Whether you want to ward off your evil stepmother, ace your next test, or manifest everyday magic, we can help customize 'Bespoke Rituals' for all your needs.

Great for all ages! Everyone has MAGIC.

Our Manifestation Oil $28 for 
The best empowering scent around! Neroli and Cedarwood, Rose Petals and Malachite Dust for the win!

Upcoming Events:

Want to learn more? Come to our Majestic Moon Circle on Saturday, January 21st at 6 pm to make a little collective magic.
We are exploring Crystals for the Body!  So much fun! ✨ ✨ ✨

Honor Aquarius season with our Yoga and Astrology class every month!
This Month's class is Sunday, January 22, 2023.

Community Meditation by Donation Every Third Wednesday of the month 7 - 8 pm.


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