Crystals, Apothecary, and Magic, Oh My!

Crystals, Apothecary, and Magic, Oh My!

Greetings everyone!✨

It seems like the summer weather is finally starting to come out to play and make up for the prolonged gray winter and spring we had this year. With the coming sunlight comes a great time to begin following your bliss more passionately than ever before.  

Are you looking to shop for some of the best crystals in the Hudson Valley to amplify your being? Are you seeking something magical under the sun? Majestic Hudson has you covered for all things spirit related. Stop by our spiritual boutique for an abundance of gems and crystals that promise to nourish the soul, from the transformative Malachite to the mysterious Labradorite, both of which excel in self-discovery and higher intuition. 🌝

While you’re here, have you checked out our new Apothecary and Ritual Bar yet? We’ve just put in place a beautiful spread of some of nature’s most sacred herbs and plants, now at your disposal inside the shop. Indulge in some feel-good flower tea, kick back and relax with luxurious organic dried rose🌹 or pick out whatever else calls your name. Have a spell you are working on? Need some magical guidance? We are here for you! The opportunities are endless as our apothecary gives you the freedom to hand pick what speaks to you and reap the benefits of the tea, blend of herbs or elixir you choose to make. We hope you get creative and experiment with nature in a way that’s truly yours.

That's all, take care you beautiful creatures! 🦋


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