Ritual Baths Party

$300.00 USD

Don't worry, it's not a community bath so no breaking out the robes just yet! This party pack was designed with the enlightened intention of creating for each of you the ultimate ritual pack to make your bath time that much more magical. Together we'll pick out each ingredient from the oils, to the intentions, to the salts before each of you learn the blending magic that will be the icing on the funfetti cake in designing your personal Ritual Bath Blend. With the help of the purifying protection of salt, this relaxing and engaging party pack will also be fully supplied with crystal magic and essential oils to provide you with maximum aura cleansing!

Disclaimer: All parties begin at the minimum fee/deposit of $300 to hold your date. This fee is subject to change during the planning stage based upon on party size, materials, and instruction needed.

For Personalized Party inquiries: email majestichudson@gmail.com 

To see how our Covid-19 Policies coincide with party planning, click here.

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