Majestic Hudson is committed the safety of our clients and is following all NY State Covid-19 guidelines. We ask all clients to wear a mask in all public areas, and sanitize their hands upon arriving. If a group requires props, all equipment will be spaced according to social distancing protocols. All mats and equipment will be wiped down with medical grade wipes after every session.

Time for additional deep cleaning and sanitizing has been built into our schedule. The studio has also installed an air purification system exceeding standards mandated by the health department and windows/doors will be opened whenever feasible.

Please note:  We at Majestic are determined to tailor every experience we design with your safety in mind. For the safety of others and the Majestic team, we prefer planning for and with vaccinated members, but will never in any way discriminate against those who are not. We will, however, for every event regardless of vaccination status, enforce space sanitation, social distancing, and mask wearing.

All of these elements are put in place to ensure a safe and spectacular spectacle!

We thank each and every one of you for your understanding and compliance.