Winter Season Update!

 Hello Friends!
 Here we enter an auspicious time on December 21, 2022 -
The Winter Solstice - the longest night. The Solstice marks the beginning of Winter while celebrating the rebirth of the sun. This is a pivotal point in our seasonal cycle - known as the "return of light", after the shortest day of the year. We are moving into Capricorn season, so, no surprises here - it is time to HONOR THE EARTH. This always reminds me of one of my favorite poems "It was Begining Winter" by Theodore Roethke which you will hear me read below. Onward, folks!
This is my first "Seasonal Update' which is chock full of free goodies. I know, I have a boutique full of treats, yet I still cannot help but fill your heart and inbox with more BLISS you can enjoy at home, right now, near and far. 
These snippets of transcendental life are small experiences and rituals in mindfulness to assist you on your journey.
As folklore goes, there are two Kings: The Holly King, Winter, and the Oak King, Summer. They are twins who battle it out every year to bring the Sun back to light us up, literally. I think of this scenario as a Celtic Cartoon episode. One season always wins on the illuminated manuscript page. 
⭐ BONUS ⭐ we also have a New Moon on Friday. If all these shifts do not scream NEW BEGINNINGS - I don't know what does!
I hope you have a JOYOUS HOLIDAY SEASON as we send you abundant blessings. We here at Majestic Hudson are about to float into what I fondly like to call "Retreat Season" where we will assist you to honor your authentic yourself, and Gaia, at this auspicious time.
Please enjoy the gifts below I bestow upon you below.
Take a moment here and there to read this poem, listen to sound therapy, craft your rituals, spread compassion, close your eyes, sing, breathe and simply revel in the Winter Solstice. 
Let The Light Shine Upon You.
XO Jen
Listen to "It was Beginning Winter" by Theodore Roethke here.
Listen to a Crystal Singing Bowl Moment of Peace here.
Watch an oldie but goodie : Loving Kindness Meditation here.
Watch a quick tutorial on Herbal Blessed ritual candles for the New Moon here.

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