Learn How to Survive the Holidays: Podcast Edition!

Learn How to Survive the Holidays: Podcast Edition!

Holidays bringing you down? It's no secret they're filled with a special kind of nuttiness. I should know... I launched a brand new website in the midst of the season! 

One thing that's managed to keep me grounded is sitting down at the mic and having a chat with all of you. It's in those moments from the nest that I have a clear mind ready to lend a helping hand with any conundrums we may find ourselves in as we ring in 2023!

So sit back and unwind with Ellie, myself, and the cats as we breakdown all the essentials that keep us cool, calm, and collected through the holidays + beyond!

Check out the Holiday Survival Guide Episode down below! Grab a blanket, pour a mug of tea, and come laugh with us as we also dive into the healing abilities of Malachite. Having trouble brainstorming gift ideas? Check out Jen's Holiday Gift Guide to get the creative juices flowing! 

Let the Holiday Magic Commence!

XO Jen



Want even more? Check out the rest of our episodes on YouTube or wherever you listen to podcasts!

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