The World is Full of Magic Things

The World is Full of Magic Things

"The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper." – W.B. Yeats

Good Morning Lovely Beings,
I just returned from a phenomenal literally Wild retreat and wanted to check in.

As we float through October the veil is getting thinner and we are more open to perception. Now is a great time to open your eyes as if they have never been opened before. :::::::: hmmm. Is this a metaphor, Jen? Yup.

You tell me! I've been to a writer's retreat and in my opinion, my whole damn life is a metaphor for something.

I keep talking about secrets, but I am an open book.
Wildly transparent and open to experience - this is my life work.
Create, Absorb, Reflect.
Movement + Stillness,
Stillness + Movement

This is the transcendent experience, it is like a crack of light coming through the trees. The world is indeed full of magic things, open your eyes, or close them, and your blessed moment.

Your homework this month is to feel free to swing the pendulum between the forces: reality, metaphor, metaphysics, and so on.

More details in my blog and most likely the podcast we will post later this week. Have patience with us as we expand into the ether, with our feet on the ground.

Mad Love

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