Excelsior: Happy Anniversary to Me!

Excelsior: Happy Anniversary to Me!

Thank you Snow Moon!

Tonight as I walk home and your lovely glow burns high above the hamlet of Katonah, and douses me in the light of new beginnings and familiar voices I am reminded why I am here, walking up this hill, in this town, on this planet: Happy Anniversary to me.

Three years ago, I took the greatest risk of my life, and opened the doors to my first Brick and Mortar, Gallery and Sanctuary - @majestichudson - and this has unfolded into one of the most gratifying ways I have ever worked.

Everyday of the year I get to teach and heal, make art, give “sage advice,” play with crystals, promote artisans, stand on my head, crack jokes, and burn stuff to my hearts desire. I feel loved, grateful, and inspired daily.

This my friends, is Yoga - the Hero’s Journey, and my loving relationship to my craft, and my tribe.

I want to thank you beautiful souls  for your support and keep it comin’! May we all unfold gracefully into this Age of Aquarius, stronger, healthier, and supported by each other. May we expand our consciousness, open our eyes, hold hands and sing.

I’d love to say it was easy, it may appear so, yet I’m a single mother, womenpreuer, artist, healer, and yogi who drew a High Priestess card one day three years ago after a divorce and trusted the universe would provide a net if I quit all my jobs and dove. Turns out the net was made of crystals, and I grew wings. 🧚‍♀️

And then of course Covid hit and rocked our worlds. But then I realized “I” am a rock, and it is also my job to provide space and healing for this amazing community I live in, and raised my daughter in.

My state of mind is reflective of the state I grew up in - I’m a New Yorker, born and bred. Excelsior!

Let’s keep the Majestic Vision thriving into this post Covid, 21st century idea of an economy. Whew! What a ride, man. I love your presence, your smiles, and the gifts you bring to me.

Mad love to you all!

XO Jen


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