Beautiful Beltane

Beautiful Beltane

“We too can begin a new life, one that brings satisfaction and enrichment, whether this is by singing, dancing, running through the waves, walking barefoot on the grass, or making love under the stars. Perhaps your dreams are greater than this, or perhaps more conservative, but whatever they are, Beltane is a wonderful time for expressing who you truly are.”

~ Carole Carlton


A Brief History of Beltane 

Ever seen those cute old drawings and prints of folks dancing around a pole with stylish ribbons? Well, that day is here. May Day! or the Gaelic May Day festival, Beltane. Beltane is celebrated with rituals of both ancient and contemporary influence. It is one of the biggest holidays for witches, pagans, and the like. It is a holiday falling about halfway between the spring equinox, Ostara, and the coming summer solstice, Litha. 

The holiday celebrates spring at its peak, coming summer. This holiday is a season of fertility, abundance and the waking up of nature. Everything becomes one big weaving metaphor for crop growing and fertility. Think about the fertile ground you dance upon, and then do something to celebrate it.


Here are a few traditional ritual ideas:

Gathering Flowers: Traditional Beltane celebrations include flower crowns, garlands, bouquets, wreaths, and any other shape you can bundle flowers into!

Bonfire: Bonfires are said to be super-magical for the folks dancing around it- or jumping over it! Beltane literally means “Bright Fire”, thus celebrated as the Fire Festival with bonfires to honor the sun. The fire can be any way you can ignite it, a candle, a cauldron, a fire pit. Gaze on the burning fire and ask for visions of the season ahead. 

Maypole:  I mean, who doesn't like holding bunch of gigantic ribbons, twirling through the air, and weaving them around a big stick? The most iconic Beltane tradition - the maypole acts as a high point during a glorified celebratory dance. You can bring maypole energy into your Beltane by dressing up yourself and your space with brightly colored paper chains, flowers, face paint, hair dye, whatever says to you: celebrate, bloom, twirl. 


Happy Beltane!



Our Artisan Market is smack dab on Beltane. Woot! This Gaelic holiday marks the midway point between the Spring Equinox and Summer Solstice and is a time to celebrate new growth, the fertility of Earth, and our creative spirits. 

Wanna get in on the celebration? Ask Jen to craft a special ritual just for you. Start by weaving flowers in your hair! 


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