MAJESTIC Update | Summer 2018

MAJESTIC Update |  Summer 2018

Here is what is happening while my heart beats about the Hudson Valley, Berkshires, and beyond.

 Fun Fact::  

Music + Spirit + Art are the river channels that run through all our souls straight into a sparkly sea... support your local Motherships!!

I love having a home base store!
@ The Majestic Hudson Lifestyle Boutique the most interesting people come in every day.

Such as:
A woman comes into the Oasis and mentions at some point that "she once wrote a song with Pete Seeger" and "hung out with (drunk) Dylan Thomas post reading someplace in Boston." Then, we chatted about crystals.

Everyone seems to need to clear and beautify their being, through yoga and all the beautiful elements I can curate for you. Come to visit! Check out all the happenings in the courtyard, or I will come to you.

I am currently working on woven tie-dyes, our own brand of essential oils and chakra meditations for Y'all and teaching at a little festival this weekend called CLEARWATER!!--pinch me- I love this organization and the people who participate. I come from a long lineage of folkie folks see the pix below of my grandfather singing with Pete Seeger, the founder of Clearwater. If you are more interested, come on my "Meditative Journey" on the sloop! Most of the proceeds from the sail benefit the Hudson River Sloop Clearwater.

Three orders of my designs were sent out this week alone to Denver, Nevada, and Texas I am building speed while simultaneously CHANGING THE SPEED OF CONSCIOUSNESS nationwide! Woot! Plus I ride my bike to work, now. This is another cool speed builder. :)

Keep it coming, folks!

Be real, be you and spread the word about An Oasis for your Wellbeing and Creative Spirit.

>>> I will make anything/ ship anywhere /teach everywhere.

Let's start a conversation and amplify smiles.

XO Jen


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