A Meditative Journey on the Sloop Clearwater

Come sail away...


Set your mind a sail as we transform the Sloop Clearwater - a floating national historical landmark - into a vessel of meditative wisdom.

due to adock issue this sail is now launching out of West Point 

instead of Cold Spring  sorry for the inconvenience!!

September 22nd out of West Point, NY 10am-1pm



Search Sail by date on the Clearwater Calendar it will lead you to registration page.


Aboard the ship, a simple mindfulness meditation workshop will be offered to you: creating the space to cleanse, balance and reconnect with your true self upon the sacred Hudson River - “the river that flows two ways.” 

You will experience an authentic tall-ship sail as we initially join an “all hands to the halyards” to help hoist the sails. Then we begin our meditation with the Clearwater tradition of a moment of silence and reflection. After meditation, our captain will steer us throughout this truly majestic environment and indulge in its kindred connection to our understanding of the power of nature and it’s soothing effect on the mind. Continue to relax and enjoy the sail as we mingle and indulge in tasty snacks, light beverages, wine and healing fresh air.

A Meditative Journey is instructed by Jennifer Llewellyn, Director of Majestic Hudson Lifestyle Experiences. 

16 years and older.

Bring yourself and comfortable seasonal layered clothing for comfort on a boat.

The cost of “A Meditative Journey” is $65. A generous portion of your fee goes to the support of Hudson River Sloop Clearwater, Inc. whose mission is to preserve and protect the Hudson River, its tributaries and related bodies of water. Clearwater works to provide innovative environmental education programs, advocacy, and celebrations designed to expand people’s experience, awareness and stewardship of this magnificent natural resource.

The calm echoes of the “great waters in constant motion" await your presence. Register NOW this event fills up fast!