A Mini Wellness Retreat you can do at home!

A Mini Wellness Retreat you can do at home!

Hello. It is another bright snowy day in the northeast. Let's see how long it takes for me to skate down the hill, or maybe I just stay inside and put together a mini home retreat just for you. Yay! Read on.

It's retreat and party season around here.
This weekend Althea and I read for a private party both Tarot and Oracle readings. It is a pleasure being fueled by amazing auras, good company, and free- flowing tea. I was in a state of reception, and I adore being in a state of reception because it 
opens the doors of perception. When this happens I become a catalyst to help you identify what you need to find peace, spark invention, engage intellect, ignite creativity, follow your bliss, anything - you name it. 

Here is your at home Mini Retreat!

We have created this mini wellness retreat you can do at home. Enjoy these three readings: Tarot, Astrology, and I Ching. When you take a meditative moment to yourself our readers will help you gain insight, relieve stress, and set new patterns for self-care. Connect to your well-being with Majestic Hudson

To begin your retreat, pick a day and set aside an hour or two for yourself. Brew some tea, light a candle, meditate, then enjoy these readings from us. We would love to see how you are inspired.

Today, I was extremely drawn to the Tarot of Mystical Moments deck. Already, the day was full of surprises, so I was very curious what the cards had to say. I first pulled the five of cups, followed by the ace of swords, and then the six of cups. I find it interesting that these two cards of the cup suit are sandwiching the ace. I am sensing a strong urge to sort out unfinished business.

The Ace of Swords 
An ace often comes to put something directly in your lap. Understandably, today I was hit with emails and texts about work, scheduling, and finances. The ace of swords in this deck is extremely wise, telling me that what happens is not for annoyance, but career progression. Swords symbolize intellect, and in this case they key to achieving your goals. Small opportunities today may actually become incredibly important if you stick with the work. 

The Five of Cups 
The day definitely started in a ‘five of cups’ way. I see this card as being akin to the phrase ‘glass half empty/glass half full’. There are different ways you can view it, but overall the day may not start with certainty. Others may inhibit your thought process or cause confusion, However, with an ace of swords falling in your lap there is much room for your flame to be re-ignited. 

The Six of Cups
Keep the engine running and get this work done and you will feel fulfilled, as the day closes out with a nostalgic visit from the six of cups. This card reminds us of childlike play and wonder, so a comforting adventure, conversation, or movie will ease you into a restful state before going to sleep. Remember that your closest comrades have ways of supporting you that no one else knows. 

Thank you for reading my Tarot spread of the day!
If you would like a personal reading for more in-depth guidance, I offer in person and virtual sessions. For more info email us at majestichudson@gmail.com
Welcome to a new year and on January 20th, a new astrological season! The chaos of Mercury Retrograde is in our rearview mirror and we can start to look and plan ahead.


Welcome to a new year and on January 20th, a new astrological season! The chaos of Mercury Retrograde is in our rearview mirror and we can start to look and plan ahead.

Aquarius from an Italian Book of Hours, perhaps made in Milan.
Courtesy of the Morgan Library.

This Saturday ushers in Aquarius Season. The Water Bearer, the Innovator, the Humanitarian, the Rebel.
I’m not just partial to the sign because I am an Aquarius myself but also because there is something hopeful and mystical about the Aquarian spirit.

Whatever your astrological placements, we can learn from each astrological season and implement energy into our daily lives. Optimize the Aquarian energy by being open to new ideas and by embracing the eccentric. Ask yourself "What makes me unique?" The intellectual characteristic of this fixed air sign has us thoughtfully looking to the future, planning the best course of action for 2024. Not only does the sun enter Aquarius on January 20th, Pluto does as well. Pluto, the Roman God of the Underworld governs change, the subconscious, the hidden, and yes, even wealth in your chart.

Pluto and Aquarius together amplify the energy of rebirth and transformation. Don’t be afraid of change and to break out of the norms. Pluto, the slowest moving planet, will be in Aquarius until September 1st where it has a dalliance with Capricorn, returning to Aquarius on November 19th, where it will remain until 2043!

But wait. There’s more! Later in Aquarius season, Venus, the planet of love, beauty and abundance, and Mars, the planet of action and power, both enter Aquarius. This means your Aquarian energy will be kicked up a notch. Just flow with it, like water from a vessel.



The I Ching at this time represents Heaven over Water #6 Song
By representation, this seems like a smooth ride yet this hexagram senses conflicts on the horizon. No need to worry because you are a Majestic being doing the work, right? Right.

This is a time to withdraw, center yourself, and seek clarity amidst the conflict. As you center observe all parties involved with equanimity. Fairness and truth are your navigation tools that bring perseverance to your situation. Sometimes inaction is an action itself. At your heart center, there is clarity which will help you course correct and lead you to good fortune.
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