Begin the New Year with a resolution and intention to become more aware of the body and trust in its innate wisdom at The Garrison Institute

Take a deep breath...Registration will open soon. :)

This special weekend retreat will appeal to those looking to align their bodies, hearts, and minds in the serenity of a contemplative environment. We will offer a smorgasbord of embodying practices that can easily become your daily practice for the year. 

This retreat includes instruction on five different practices that focus on the wisdom of the body and can help you reduce stress: qigong, yoga, Breath Body Mind, mindfulness meditation, and the Feldenkrais Method (a practice that employs movement with awareness to improve the quality of our actions). 

All sessions will be held in the Meditation Hall. The weekend will begin with a panel discussion with the instructors who will explain the practices they will teach. 

Our caterer, Fresh Company, will carefully prepare healthy, delicious meals that are vegetarian, featuring locally grown and produced ingredients. Even in the winter, the Hudson Valley offers many local items for the communal, buffet meals we serve, including cheese, polenta, vegetables, and eggs.   

Open to all levels of experience, including beginners.