Meet our Amazing Star Sent
Deborah DeFrancesco


 Next in-house date: Sat. January 21st 2023

Deborah, owner and operator of Inward Journey Retreats LLC, is passionate about all things astrology and is a Level 3 graduate of Debra Silverman Astrology.
Her natal chart readings include learning about your own unique blueprint and how your personal planets influence you and your evolution.  
Having an astrology reading is something to experience. Feed your curiosity and at the same time you may discover a lot about yourself.  

To schedule a reading please email Deborah at
FEE: $150 per reading 
Deborah will be available at the Mothership one Saturday a month, and by appointment.
Appointments are strongly suggested.
We will also be brewing up some additional Celestial events together
with Deborah during her residency.
Stay tuned, I mean attuned!

Next in-person date:

Saturday, January 21st...12:00pm-4:00pm

 Please note: *Astrology is not fortune telling, and/or predicting of your future.
Services are for entertainment purposes only.*