August  8, 6:30- 8pm

at Golden Prana Yoga

with Jennifer Llewellyn, Designer, Consultant, E-RYT


The Divine Home - a workshop on creating your very own sacred space.  

How do we live amongst our treasures? What gives meaning to our lives? What are our Reminders to be Present? Every footstep, every glance we make has the power to empower our spirituality and practice. Often these reminders flash during yoga or meditation, or within our deep passions and relationships - however true commitment to authenticity can begin in Your Divine Home:: The Ultimate Sacred Space.

Jennifer Llewellyn, Creative Director of Majestic Hudson Experiences believes in the concept of Little Shrines Everywhere and will guide you in developing a shrine or altar that is a reflection of your true self, the journeys you make, and what can do manifest a higher consciousness. A true gift to yourself.


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Golden Prana Yoga Studio here.

$30 before May 31, $35 thereafter.