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I can see you're looking for other apps that suit your needs. Allow me to do research.

The Retail Barcode Labels has actually the highest rating based on Merchants review but it always depends on a Merchants requirements that they want from the app.

Here is the list for other Barcode/label app.

Some of them are new and they also have good feedback from other Merchants. You can also check this Blog post about the top 9 Barcode apps from Shopify.

Regarding the scanner, you can go to this help guide for the compatible scanner that works on Shopify.

For scanning apps, please check the apps below.

I just want to clarify, are you also selling on different platforms like Amazon, Ebay etc? if you are selling only on Shopify, you should know that there is only you and your products. In other words, there is no need to upload any UPC codes, because you do not need to confirm your product identification.

For UPC, please check this app called UPC Code Manager

You may also check this related community post about how to get UPC codes.

For order printers, I also found a compiled top apps for order printer.

For POS update, you can check the full logs by going to App Store. The POS app would automatically detect if your app is outdated . The current version of the POS app is Version 6.20.0 updated on September 26, 2020.

For more information about Retail in Shopify, please use this help guide for Shopify for retail, Hardware kits for Shopify POS and iPad stands for Shopify POS.

Please note that apps may vary depending on Merchant preferences for Scanner, Barcode/Label and even Order printer which can be found on Shopify App Store.

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