SEE YOU FRIDAY!!!  SO EXCITED!!!! Details below.


You may arrive between 12-6 pm on Friday. 

Please text me at 917.991.4588 to let me know when you will be coming I'll be in and out prepping for this wonderful experience!

Blue Skies House

13 Watch Hill Road, New Paltz, NY 12561


Friday and Sunday will be loosely scheduled as we have the majority of folks participating on Saturday.


Here is a rough outline


Breakfast anytime! Before or after class.

If you are day-tripping please, please, please arrive no later than 8:30 am, plan accordingly with the weather, and arrive in your yoga clothes to meet and greet and be ready for our first session together as a group. Thank you.


9-10:15 yoga/meditation class

CIRCLE OF INTENTION: Amplify and Let Go 


10:15- Breakfast/Brunch whatever nourishes you

Get acquainted with our space... 

take a break, journal and craft table set up!


Noonish- 2pm

Forest Bath

Please bring multiple sets of  clothes and dress appropriately for an easy excursion filled with natural wonder and open awareness.


2pm -5pm

Lunchtime! Downtime! Sauna Time! Craft Time! Nap Time! 

Connect with the Tribe.

Honor your retreat time - be spontaneous and flow with what your heart and soul needs.



CIRCLE OF INTENTION: Honoring the New Year

It is time for a Human Mandala of Healing:

Deep Restorative Practice • Reiki • Sound Therapy 


7:30 Dinner


Post Dinner Chill and 

CIRCLE OF FiRE: Honoring the Snow Moon

Outdoor firepit ceremony.

LET GO + QUANTUM LEAP into 2020!


Check out:

11 am on Sunday.

But the retreat does not end then unless you need to get an early start home. I am working on a possible field trip or village trip with a twist. 


What to bring:

Personal items:

  • comfy Pajamas!
  • bring weather-appropriate clothes

  DRESS WARM we are going to take a winter hike. 

  gloves, thermal, boots the whole shebang.

  • bathing suit for the sauna
  • robe if preferred.
  • Warm clothes and boots, snow gear if needed.
  • non-restrictive clothing for yoga/meditation


Ritual items or necessities you might want to bring:

  • Anything your heart desires!
  • Crystals
  • Pictures of loved ones, ancestors
  • Anything you want to put on the shrine
  • journal
  • great book!
  • favorite blanket
  • anything that makes you feel good about yourself that you want to be charged by this experience.


If you have something you something special needs to eat or drink, please bring it. No rules here. The food will be prepped by Jen and her healthy minions. If you have allergies let me know, I will do my best to have a few options.

Typical healthy fare. Veggie intense but Non-Vegetarian. 

There will be cheese or a meat or meat substitute option on Saturday night.

Think salads, fruit, pasta, something sweet. snacks etc...  

I'm Italian. TRUST ME. ;)



We will be doing an assortment of the following:

  • Yoga/Meditation
  • forest bath ( this means light winter hiking)
  • outdoor firepit
  • sauna ( which is enclosed, but also outside)
  • journaling
  • communal dining
  • spiritual crafts
  • rituals
  • building friendships
  • eating healthy
  • sleeping like boss girls
  • spa-like stuff
  • Sound Bath/ Yoga Nidra Fireside
  • plenty of downtime, if you need it!


    Additional healing sessions will be provided for a fee:


    We will have a visit from Phoebe Conant, aka the Hair Priestess, to provide reiki healing sessions. Depending on your desired service Jen will begin your reiki session with Crystal Healing and Aromatherapy, all performed on a Gemstone Infrared Biomat.

    This is the ultimate energetic healing nap!

    Healing Cat Nap $65, 30 minutes
    The Works $120, one hour

    Questions? Contact:

    Jennifer Llewellyn
    My email is
    my phone is 917.991.4588 if you have any pressing questions.

    Bring with you:
    Anything your heart desires.