Welcome to Your
Expansive Mentorship Program

I've designed this program to assist many folks who, like myself - find themselves driven by their spiritual and creative journeys and crave a framework in which to organize and build their dreams into viable sources of fulfillment. I simply love helping folks manifest their visions into realistic fulfilling dreams step by step, with no hokey ju-ju, only concrete experience-based knowledge, and expertise, garnished with a bit of intuitive insight.









A bit about your mentor: I am Jennifer Llewellyn, the Chief Wellness Officer of the Majestic Hudson Lifestyle. My professional experience spans two decades of arts, business development and strategy, marketing and branding, product development, fine arts, and the glue that holds it all together: yoga/meditation/mindfulness practices. I have a Masters Degree in the Business of Art and Design, Certifications in many styles of Yoga and Meditation, a BFA in Graphic Design, a professional printmaker and fine artist, a creative teacher, and overall business-building coach.

I find many of my mentees, clients, and students find my guidance invaluable in creating point-focused determination paired with radiant abundance in whatever theme they want to manifest.

I am a prolific Jane of Many Trades and depending on the day of the week I could be wearing the hat of:

  • Spiritual Teacher
  • Business Coach
  • Creative Portfolio Advisor
  • Marketing Guru
  • Fine Artist
  • Crystal Healer
  • Leadership Influencer
  • Majestic Shop Girl
  • Graphic Designer

This Mentorship is anything you want it to be:

  • A single healing session
  • A yoga/meditation class
  • A jump-start business planning meeting
  • Marketing/Branding tactics for pros
  • A two-hour mindful and/or creativity workshop
  • Weekly coaching sessions
  • Long-term goal-focused planning


    Is this for you? 
    Find out by indulging in a FREE 15-minute Spiral Session with Jen.

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    I will help you create and honor sacred space in your life to organize, create, build, energize your art, expand your mind, and amplify your passions.

    All you need is a single intention, goal, or plan. I show up fully present to help you create an enthusiastic environment for ideas to thrive.

    Private instruction and consulting are available in the following genres.

    A typical session could involve any of the following:

    The Spiritual Stuff:

    • Yoga
    • Meditation
    • Crystal Healing + Magic
    • Intuitive Healing
    • Human Design
    • Reiki Healing
    • Cottage Witch

    The Entrepreneurial Stuff:

    • Business Strategy and Building
    • Marketing Promotion
    • Manifesting Your Dream 

    The Art Stuff:

    • Printmaking
    • Majestic Ritual Crafts!
    • Old School Graphic Design ( Pen and Ink)
    • New School Graphic Design (Digital Skills)



    Praise for Jen:

    "Jen’s multifaceted experience in business, creative, and spiritual pursuits coupled with her unique blend of non-judgmental curiosity, dogged determination, and warm demeanor make each session productive AND enjoyable. Her passion is palpable – and contagious!  Her own creative journey genuinely fuels  and informs her dedication to supporting others on their own paths." ~Elizabeth



    "Jen is truly a goddess of all trajectories. She has a unique ability to take all the moving parts and whip them into something solid and formable. Having her guide and coach me through the creation of my business has been invaluable. I have a hard time getting organized. Whenever I feel scattered or overwhelmed, Jen has a way of seeing the big picture and organizing the pieces to fit the end goal and move it in the right direction. Her endless knowledge and skills in all areas of business and art never ceases to amaze and inspire me. Jen is an amazing mentor, businesswoman, and friend and I could not have started my business without her." ~ Phyllis




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