My dear friends slow down and enjoy this time. It is time to shed the winter doldrums and blossom into Spring! Here is my complimentary spring ritual to help you take the lead of your life and lessen any obstacles that may keep you from being your best self. This is a ritual for growth and new beginnings, and a time to reset and refresh your beautiful self. It can be done anytime however if you do this ritual with the next five days, April 5-14th, you will harness the energy of the new moon which brings us opportunities into a new lunar cycle. The moon comes out of its waning phase into the New Moon which gives us dream and goal manifesting potential. Harness this time! Let's do this!

Please honor yourself a half hour to complete this full ritual. Sacred time and space are what is needed most often in our busy lives. I promise one-half hour will bring you peace and abundance.

XO Jen

Let's begin.

Please gather the following:
An air/space cleansing element of your choice:
Sage bundle, Palo Santo, Clearing Sprays, Incense

1 White Candle, matches
pure soy candle
birthday candles are fun to use too!

1-3 small pieces of paper and a writing element

a small glass jar with a covering
Mason jar
a recycled item you can cover with a fabric cloth and ribbon

Luck elements: Up to 3
powerful crystal stones
such as quartz, selenite, or your energetic healing preference
personal lucky charms

Pinch of Salt
Pich of Ground Ginger

Have your ritual ingredients displayed out in front of you. I suggest placing them all on a single precious tray. Honor your ritual items as they have been hand selected by you, and they will assist you in your journey long after this ritual takes place.

Cleanse the energy of your living environment
Sage and smudging Instructions here.

As you cleanse be sure to be in the moment. Do not invite unprotected thoughts or feelings from entering your healing space. In addition, cleanse the vessel you have chosen, set aside.

Now you must set an intention for your ritual.

What is an "intention"?

An intention is a healing process, or a wish to solidify a healing goal.

Write this intention down, fold up and place inside the vessel. You may write up to three intentions, but do not exceed three as this may minimize the direction of your energy. One is best, and more powerfully directed. Usually, the first thing that comes to mind is what you need to manifest on your healing journey.

Be peaceful. Allow the energy within you to settle as you literally begin to lift an unwanted burden, and plant seeds to renewal. Take as much time as you need to complete the intention.

Now, light the candle, Take a few deep breaths and steady yourself
by meditating in a safe, calm space for no less than 15 minutes.

When you arise from your meditation we will close the ritual.

Place your intentions sheets and lucky charms into the jar, add a pinch of salt, and a pinch of ginger. In fact, there are no rules here now - be creative in what you feel you need to seal into this now sacred vessel. I've been known to add stones from my hikes, funny pictures and even a pinch of glitter. It's all good and 100% what YOU need to manifest into a higher plane of conscious intention.

Seal the jar.
Say your intention once again silently to yourself, then blow out the candle.

Your ritual is now finished. Exhale once again, smile. Happy New Moon.
Feel free to keep this vessel in a public or private revered place in your life.

"Every particular in nature, a leaf, a drop, a crystal, a moment of time is related to the whole and partakes of the perfection of the whole."
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Happy New Moon!