The Green Dragon Reflexology Path

You are exclusively invited to a unique Majestic Mini Retreat for your body, mind, and soul. This event is by private invitation only and spots will fill up fast. Save the date!

Wednesday September 28, 2022

10:30 -12 pm

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Welcome to The Green Dragon Reflexology Path, designed and created by landscape artist Joshua Jones - this creation is one of the most unique handmade formations I have ever experienced. Truly a one-of-a-kind experience of self-love and reflection.

Reflexology is an ancient Chinese practice of walking barefoot on a surface of rounded, small stones. The meditative action of slowly walking on this path can increase your circulation by 20% with no extra effort from your normal walk. The technique involves applying pressure to specific points on the soles of the feet - simply by walking on the stone sculptured path. This exercise helps promote relaxation, boost immune function, improve nerve and brain function, increase energy and relieve pain. The health benefits are bountiful - come try it for yourself!

On this journey we will experience:

  • A guided meditative walk along The Green Dragon Reflexology Path
  • Time for Personal reflection in Nature
  • Soothing Tea and sharing session
  • An Autumn ritual ( TBD)

  • You will leave with a few goodies too,
    including your own personal Reflexology guide.

The Green Dragon is nestled within Beckoning Path, a private 27-acre garden estate in the hamlet of Armonk NY. The Reflexology path is a 200 ft naturally textured artisan-made stone path -- yet it is more than that -- this is the Fountain of Youth, a River of Chi, and Nature's Paradise all wrapped into one.

Beckoning Path has lush green moss paths and Japanese maples that surround the serene Cobamong pond. Experience the endless natural beauty it has to offer as we explore the Green Dragon Reflexology path, a labyrinth walk, and many hidden meditation spaces to sit and reflect.
Center your mind and let your feet wander. Nature has been trying to heal us this entire time, let’s embrace it

 "Is not the dragon the hero of his own story?"

A true hidden gem of Westchester!
Come on a meditative walk with us!

You are exclusively invited to a unique experience for your body and soul. This event is by private invitation only and spots will fill up fast. Save the date!

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