Jennifer Llewellyn

Chief Wellness Officer + Creative Director

Majestic Hudson Lifestyle

 ♋ Cancer Sun, Sagittarius Moon, ♐ Sagittarius Rising ♐ 

Human Design Manifestor


Hi. I’m Jen. 

I am the founder of Majestic Hudson Lifestyle, the culmination of yoga, meditation, mindfulness practices, fine art, crystals, design, and ancient Dharma wisdom such as Buddhism, Transcendentalism, and Naturalism. I also spice things up with a little witchcraft, divine rituals, reiki energy, astrology, human design, and more. We are a hub for all things metaphysical and creative. This fusion honors your sense of self while tapping empowerment.

I have always believed spirituality is much like the art I create: a boundless expression of passion, grace, imagination, and strength. This belief is one of the many reasons I conceived The Majestic Hudson Lifestyle - I yearned for a unique portal for people to discover their authentic selves. With Majestic Hudson, you gain access to practices as old as time itself - while also tapping into present-day wisdom. 

I've always lived a metaphysical lifestyle, and have spent this lifetime studying and understanding metaphysics and my remarkable energetic gifts as an intuitive healer and artist. These are the gifts channeled for the benefit of others, as a way to preserve spirituality and creativity as they are woven into the collective consciousness.

I have lived in Manhattan, in the mountains, and by the sea... and now pretty much spend all of my time gallivanting around the Hudson Valley and beyond. I tend to act more like Tinker Bell at a Grateful Dead Concert - Singing Songs, casting Lovingkindness spells, and always equipped with crystals, sage, glitter, glue, and ink.

I invite you to also become a chic nomad, and Follow Your Bliss.