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Experience the Magic of an Oracle Reading Party.

Unlock the secrets of your inner being with this spiritually enlightening experience combining the Ancient Art of Oracle Reading with the Power of Crystal Healing. 

Do you want to gain spiritual clarity in one evening?  

We got you. An Oracle Reading Party aids both the individual and the collective. Majestic readings provide spiritual guidance through the use of Oracle Cards, which help you uncover the wisdom of your subconscious. 

All of our Majestic Gatherings provide a sacred space for you and your group to understand your true nature, and receive insight into the Universe. 

What are Oracle Cards?

I truly love the Oracle. An Oracle is a sacred symbol - living, static, continuous, or ephemeral that provides insightful guidance from the Divine. Some consider Oracle to be a form of Divination, others, a playful nudge from your very own true spirit and intuition.

Our Oracle parties are facilitated by the founder of Majestic Hudson herself: Jen. Jennifer Juniper is an Artist, Intuitive Healer, Master Manifestor, and Clairvoyant who uses her transcendent style to guide you on your path to authenticity. Here is Jen's Journey.

Your party will be completely personalized to you! 

What is your desire we have to cater to simplicity or the addition of many magical modalities?

Party fees begin at $325 for one hour. Price scales up based on the number of attendants, time frame, and additions to your Magical Majestic Experience.

Email or call (845) 581-0955

Here are other options for your party planning.

  • A Majestic Moon Circle or Tarot Card Reading Gatherings.  
  • We have expert Tarot Readers here to host your next party.
  • What is the difference between Oracle and Tarot? Read more here.

Cancellation policy: 

Please note our cancellation policy for scheduled parties. The party fee is due in full three weeks before service to reserve your time in our sanctuary.

There are no refunds. If you cancel consider your fee a much-appreciated contribution to the Majestic Hudson Vision. We are a small independent business that honors your support. Thank You.

Please note: *Astrology, Human Design, Tarot, and Oracle Readings are not fortune telling, or predicting your future. Services are for entertainment purposes only.*

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