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Your training includes these mandatory sessions:

  • 3 part in-person group educational sessions
  • 1 part private session "The Energy Experience"

Private Session Prerequisite: 

The Energy Experience
We believe experience is everything and to be a healer you must start by deep diving into your own "Hero's Journey." We have included in this training a personal, astrology, human design, and crystal alignment assessment created exclusively for you by Jen. This blueprint will give you the insight and guidance you need to understand your aura, chakra system, and defined energy centers. Knowing your energy is the first step to understanding the energy of others.

 The first step is mastering the art of resonance and relaxation.


Friday, May 31, 3-8 pm

Meet and greet and collective meditation experience.

"Be the Vessel"


Saturday, June 1, 10-6 pm

History of Sound, Healing frequencies, 

Vibrational Crystal Healing and Earth Science

Meta and Quantum Physics

Ritual, Auras, and Chakras

Lunch is served.


Sunday, June 2, 10-4 pm

Intuitive Self Love retreat and closing ceremony


Final performances

Lunch is served.


Pre-Course work:

Will be provided here soon.

Reading list:



We suggest to harmonize that you have three crystal singing bowls of your own.

If you are interested in purchasing your own at a substantial discount please contact Jen, at least 3 weeks prior to training.


This program is accredited by Majestic Hudson® Lifestyle Experiences

You will receive a certificate of participation, a Sound Healing Manual, and Exclusive VIP Crystal Club discounts on highlighted specimens.

A Facebook group will be set up for everyone to join so they can share their thoughts and experiences throughout the journey.