Thank you for your interest in Our New Moon Manifestations 
year-long immersion mastery course.


Here is our schedule.


All meetings will be 6:30-8pm. unless we collectively decide otherwise.



January 11

New Moon in Capricorn

February 8 or 9

Super New Moon in Aquarius

March 10

Super New Moon in Pisces

April 8

Super New Moon ECLIPSE in Aries

May 7

New Moon in Taurus

June 6

New Moon in Gemini

July 5

New Moon in Cancer

August 4 or 5

New Moon in Leo

September 2 or 3

New Moon in Virgo

October 2

New Moon ECLIPSE in Libra

(Special invoking of Goddess Durga, deity who is invoked at the Sri Narayani Peedam ashram in India)

November 1

New Moon in Scorpio

December 1

New Moon in Sagittarius/Reflection/Closing Circle