Apothecary Witch Kits

$75.00 USD

These exclusive Majestic Apothecary Witch Kits include a selection of herbs, essential oils, crystals, and more traditionally used for magical practices. The kit is perfect for budding witches who are looking for a comprehensive set of ingredients to start their magical journey.

May Contain: 

Calendula - calms skin irritation and bruising.

Black Salt - for protection and purification.

Rose - eases depression and enhances self-love.

Elderflower - aids in treating colds and supports a healthy respiratory system.

Lavender Oil - calms and promotes harmony.  

Safflower Oil - for blending your own oil!

Clear Quartz - protects and amplifies positive energies.

Selenite Wand - cleanses and charges the aura of the user. 

2 Apothecary Jars to brew your own magic!


Majestic Triber Uses:

"This Witchy apothecary kit has all the daily herbal and spiritual essentials I need to stay balanced and elevated. I loved making my own blend with lavender oil and other herbs."



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