Voyager | Yoga Mat

$45.00 USD

The Jade Voyager is truly the most portable mat Jade offers, made specifically to go with you everywhere and anywhere. At 1/16" thick, and 1.5 pounds, the Voyager folds up to about the size of a yoga block- allowing it to fit perfectly into your suitcase or backpack! While the Voyager is ideal for those that have to travel light and/or have limited storage space, it is not the best option for daily usage, as its portability impacts overall durability. Further dimensions: 24" wide, 68" long

*Please note that just like you would expect creases in your clothes when traveling, creases are a natural consequence of folding the Voyager mat. These effects will be minimized by keeping your mat rolled when not traveling 

Majestic Triber Uses:

“We LOVE these mats! Fold them up for easy travel and yoga on the go! Jade Yoga is the only brand of yoga mats that we carry here at Majestic Hudson, and once you get one for yourself it’s not hard to see why. Plus you’ll be contributing to planting trees and who wouldn’t want that?”


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